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DJ Party Music – Wake Up The Dancefloor – Work Your Playlist
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DJ Party Music – Wake Up The Dancefloor – Work Your Playlist

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So many of us are looking for the best DJ party music.

Having the best tunes to dance to and at the right time can make or break your night.

DJ party music

Of course you don’t want some douchebags coming up to you and telling you that they’re not enjoying it, and asking you to play top 40 hits.

But you can play top 40 hits. Don’t get me wrong, there is nothing wrong with that. It just depends who your crowd is.

Make them dance and be happy

You want people dancing as much as you can.

If you’re here looking for the best DJ party music, then I’m here to tell you that there’s no magic bullet solution.

That might not be what you wanna hear. But coming on the Internet, expecting to rip some other DJ’s playlist and playing it tune for tune to make people dance does not a great deejay make.

I’m all for doing some research into finding the right DJ music, and yes, I’ve seen many good stats on the net which report the most requested tunes at weddings, which are very useful.

After all, tons of music is to be found on the net. Everything in fact.

So go ahead, research. But you’ll only become a great party DJ if you learn and develop.

Ok I get it. How is the best way to go about that?

The best way not to do it is to pretend you’re some amazing pro deejay when you’re not. You’ll get found out.

Get yourself a wealth of tunes.

Listen to it. And play it at home, when you’re in the gym, out walking and in your car.

You have to follow my tips on getting to know your DJ party music better than other DJs. 

Nothing beats knowing your tunes so well that your selection becomes instinctive.

Sure, you can find some DJ party playlist on the Internet, download it illegally and play it like a true mouse DJ, but some people will see through your shallow façade and you won’t last long.

More importantly, the crowd may be completely different to what you expected.

Whereas you may have downloaded some cheese wedding party playlist from the Internet, your crowd may really detest that kind of tunage.

You may end up pissing them off royally and ruining your chances of ever getting more DJ gigs again.

Have a load of different music genres and create the best party

You see, for many people, the very definition of DJ party music is different and it varies wildly.

For all those mainstream cheesmeisters who only dance to chart RnB, you get others who love indie and rock and for them, that is what party music is.

Then you get others that live for electro and house and for them, that’s a real party playlist.

You get others who only dance to funk, hip hip and disco dropped in.

And yet more like quirky, retro, and old tunes that no other deejay plays.

And I haven’t even touched the surface here.

Are you starting to get what I mean?

If you wanna be the real deal, then listen to your tunes and try to feel what a reaction they would provoke in your crowd.

Get an instinct for it. A real pro can pull out any number of party playlists; maybe ten different ones or more with varying genres.

Can you do that?

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