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DJ Mixing Software Reviews
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DJ Mixing Software Reviews

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Just a few years ago DJ mixing software was only a dream and a glint in the eye of some bright computer DJ enthusiasts.

Now almost every DJ has to adapt to digital DJing and go with the flow.

Even the most traditional vinyl purists are finally moving over to digital after seeing how cool digital DJ consoles such as the Numark NS7 DJ Turntable Controller can be and how they can emulate vinyl and CDs.

The top DJ mixing software

You need to find the DJ software which works for you as you’ve probably heard there are quite a few out there.

So to break it down for you, I’ll give you reviews of all these mixing software applications to help you make the best possible choice you can.

As a foreword, most good DJs tend to lean towards Traktor and Serato.

But this doesn’t mean you have to. My advice to you is: choose what suits you.

In my opinion, all the DJ apps here are high performing and reliable and all have their own various advantages and disadvantages.

You don’t have to follow the crowd, you should take what works for you.

The good news about DJ mixing software

The best thing about this is that many DJ consoles ship with the software already on board!

This is a bit like buying a PC with Windows already installed. Pretty good isn’t it?

Many of you will be needing to find out more about each software to influence their choice of digital DJ gear though. 

Need some cool digital DJ gear? My guide can help.

1. Traktor Pro by Native Instruments

Traktor KontrolTraktor was an early app for digital DJs on the scene and has evolved a fair amount during the past 5 years.

The standout features that impress real DJs are:

1. Having 4 decks to mix with

2. Having close control over EQ and sound quality

3. Very easy search and find facility

Traktor’s reputation

My review on Traktor DJ

2. Serato

Also known as Scratch Live, Serato has been a hot choice for DJs, new or experienced, for a few years now.

Since 2008 Serato has been integrating video into the software.

What’s cool and sets recent versions apart, amongst other features, is the improved dynamic range.

This means improved sound quality. And we all know that better sound means better gigs and more happy people. 

My review on Serato tells you why

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3. Virtual DJ

Virtual DJ kind of crept up without many of us realising and now it’s everywhere.

The 2 main advantages it has are:

1. It has netsearch which allows you to search music, images and video from the Internet.

2. It suggests what tracks you can play next after having analysed the playlists and comparing them to those of other DJs. This is known as the music groups function.

Virtual DJ has a number of other pretty mind blowing features.

I go much more into it with my review. 

See if Virtual DJ is the right DJ mixing software for you

4. M-Audio Torq

I’ve used Torq with the M-Audio Xponent DJ console and I’ve found it pretty reliable and useful with many great functions.

As well as being solid, dependable and letting you be creative, Torq can be plugged into Rewire and Protools and transforms your DJ console into a musical instrument.

It’s great for producers who like to DJ or DJs who make their own tracks.

Torq has since upgrade to version 2.0. 

My review on M-Audio Torq 2.0 software 

5. Ableton Live

Ableton Live is more of a pro musician DJ tool and live performer’s dream.

Deadmau5 uses this. In case you like him.

For the real music crazy concert givers, and club DJs, Ableton can help you hook up not only your DJ kit, but also synthesizers, drum machines and effects units.

Or you can get the software to perform percussion, drums and samples. 

See more on Ableton Live and what it can do for you

6. Deckadance

A more recent addition to the array of DJ mixing software available to mixmeisters, Deckadance is compatible with a wide range of controllers and can be shipped with many available on the market.

You can get the DJ midi controller version or the vinyl/CD emulation app.

A major advantage of this software is of course, the price.

Computer DJ pack & DJ mouse + Scratch pad + DJ Software : Deckadance – DJMOUSE

7. Mixxx

Mixxx is the first and as yet only open source free DJ mixing software.

A recent addition, Mixxx provides plenty of basic features for a DJ to cook up a decent party.

What do you think about these DJ software reviews? Anything to add? I want to hear from you if so. Leave me a comment in the box below. 

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Why DJ mixing software isn’t for you

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