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How To DJ Tutorial – Learn To Mix
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How To DJ Tutorial – Learn To Mix

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Learning how to DJ and mix vinyl for an aspiring DJ is tough to start with, so expect to practice a lot.

Now you’ve lined up 2 tracks practice and you can already find the cue point easily.

Now let the record #1 go just past the first beat of the record and then pull it back.

Use your finger on the rim of the turntable (the edge) to pull the turntable and the record back.

Then let it go gently, without fully removing you finger from the rim (no dirty jokes here please). You’ll feel it skim over the beat and skim back again. 

Use CD decks to mix? My guide can help.

Sync the beat

Now, let go of record #1 so it plays.

Move to deck #2 and press play on the deck whilst holding the edge of the turntable so that it cannot move at all from its cue point.

The record should be cued up where the first beat begins.

Now the objective is to let go of record #2 exactly coinciding with the first beat of a bar record #1.

This means that when you hear the 4 beats in any tune (count 4 beats out, you’ll feel the start and end of a bar), you should consider the first one to be the first beat of the bar, which is where you should bring in your new tune.

Get used to this and practice it many times, moving record #1 back to its cue point and starting record #2 off right on a beat.

Master beat matching

The result that you should get, when you finally manage for this to work, should be the 2 records playing in perfect beat matched sync, with the kick drums aligned and beating simultaneously.

However, hold on a second, if you’ve used two different records, there’s a very good chance they are not set at the same tempo (BPM).

Therefore, you’ll need to modify the speed of one record and align it with the speed of the record that is playing.

Using pitch control

How do you do this? Using the pitch control to change the speed to faster or slower.

If you’ve used the same record or by chance, your two records are aligned at the same BPM, then practice the cueing and letting go many times until you get used to letting go of your record exactly on time.

This is an important part of beat matching and knowing how to DJ.

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