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DJ Mixers – Reviews Of Gemini, Behringer And Pioneers
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DJ Mixers – Reviews Of Gemini, Behringer And Pioneers

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DJ mixers are an essential piece of DJ gear you’re likely to come across many times.What is a DJ mixer?

A mixer, or mixing console, is an electronic device that allows you to mixseveral different channels of audio through the same interface.

Its multiple inputs mean you can play sound from several different sources simultaneously.

Having many channels channelled to a single output means you can mix sounds together and make new sounds. Most DJs use it to mix, which explains why it’s referred to as a mixer.

The other key characteristic of all mixers is the audio outputs: you can listen to one channel through a monitoring output, often reserved for DJ headphones and it won’t be heard through the output channel.

Basic vs Advanced DJ Mixers

As with most DJ gear, there are different types of mixers, ranging from very low cost and basic to advanced.

There are generally between 2 and 6 inputs for each one.

A simple model is likely to have just 2 input channels and this may be all you need for what you do.

After all, most DJs plug in 2 turntables, 2 CD decks or 1 digital DJ console.

Club DJs sometimes use 4 decks or more

Many DJs like to alternate between vinyl and digital and may need to plug in an effects unit too, which will require using more audio channels.

A more advanced mixer can also accommodate several DJs playing at the same venue on the same night without them having to complicate the equipment and cables too much

Entry Level Mixers

DJ mixer

For learning at home all you’ll need is a basic mixer like the Gemini-PS-626.

Gemini manage to cram a good few features into a mixer costing under $100, which is pretty impressive.

As well as having 3 channels (2 decks and a DJ console or ipod) there’s also USB connectivity for your Mac or PC.

You can record with the USB cable easily and make your own mixes for DJ promotion!

Getting all of these features for such a low price is something you shouldn’t be missing.

Mid Range Mixers

As far as mid range quality mixers go, the Behringer DDM-400DJ mixer has everything you need.

In fact, it’s really a high end mixer, but the price has just come down by about 20%.

At a very reasonable $300-$400, it boasts a suprising amount of features and would be great for some small clubs and bars with dance floors.

This mixer is pro DJ gear with 5 independent channels, 4 of which have 2 different audio sources(line in and CD).

The sound effects rock and there’s even a BPM counter for when you get tired or lost in a messy mix.

But the best thing is the sampler.

With the sampler you can record parts of your track and loop them for as long as you want.

The fun you can have with the sampler is endless (acapellas, climaxing, teasing) and means you don’t need extra gear to use for sampling.

Advanced Mixer

Any decent club has an advanced mixer in there.

After all, durability, resistance over time, performance and having more audio inputs mean that a club takes its DJs seriously as well as its punters.

Good sound, reliable performance and multiple audio sources are all necessary in nightclubs.

The Pioneer DJM-800 Pro is a nightclub owner and DJ’s dream.

DJ mixer

The main strength of this mixer is its sound quality when compared to others in its field.

But that’s not all. Impressive quality and sturdy casing means reliability and the array of sound effects ensure that clubbers will be taken on musical adventures for years to come.

But the most amazing feature is that fact that this mixer is capable of tuning your tracks and harmonically mixingfor you.

It detects the key of your track and tweaks it when you combine two tracks that are not quite in key.

This saves you a lot of time finding the key of each track and helps avoid key clashes when mixing. If you’re a club owner the quality of mixing gets closer to perfect.

Multiple inputs and outputs mean you can have a whole team of DJs playing, all with enough room on the mixer.

If you have the budget, just get it. DJ mixer

Ipod Mixing Console

For house parties and bars, the digital ipod DJ mixer is as much fun as it sounds.

No need for decks here. It just lets you plug in 2 ipods or iphones and you can go from there.

A brilliant idea for parties and for ipod DJ theme nights in bars.

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