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How To Choose Between Vinyl, CD And Digital MP3
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How To Choose Between Vinyl, CD And Digital MP3

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The fact is that now, most new guys and girls learning how to be a DJ are more likely to use digital or MP3 to play their sets.

Recent years have seen an explosion on new releases being available in digital format only, which is the main motivation for using this media, although not the only one.

This doesn’t mean all the new DJs will be using digital mixing only of course, but almost all will have to get to grips with digital.

After all, you’ll have to do it one day. 

Resistance to technology

Naturally, there is a certain resistance to the presence of digital in the world of DJing, which is what always happens when technology changes the way things are done.

Generally though, the people resisting changes in technology adapt and accept in the end because they don’t have the choice.

Get to know vinyl, MP3 and CDs

The simple answer for you is that it’s best to know both digital and tracks for mixing with.

After all, both are great in their own ways and both have different advantages.

The thing is that for many of you, your music collection may be loaded more with either more digital or more vinyls, and you may be wondering which DJ equipment and gear is the best to purchase before you start.

So check out the following reviews on each of these media, these will help you make the decision easier. 
DJing with records

Vinyl is beautiful and it was the original format for DJing, recording and listening for much of the 20th century, until the 1980s when digital media was introduced and started to take over.

For a disc jockey, playing with records remains the coolest way and it certainly looks the best.

It’s also more challenging to mix with vinyls, so DJing with it can get you more respect.

This is especially true if you want to know how to be a DJ in the drum’n’bass and dubstep worlds, where knowing how to handle vinyl is almost essential to get any status.

Why use vinyl to mix with?

What are the advantages of mixing with vinyl

1. It looks cool, more visually pleasing for your crowd

2. The sound quality is better, creating a fatter or warmer sound, depending on the type of music you play

3. Some limited tracks are still pressed in this format only

The disadvantages of mixing with vinyl

1. Heavy and takes up lots of room, difficult to transport

2. Costs a lot more than MP3s or any digital files

3. Technically harder to mix with (though this can be an advantage too)

4. Can get damaged or scratched easily (eg. damp storage, non balanced decks, weighted needles scratching and wearing down the groove)

5. Limited by not being able to loop and perform advanced functions in mixing that digital media players can

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