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Pro DJ Lighting – How To Find Cheap Deals!
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Pro DJ Lighting – How To Find Cheap Deals!

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The mobile DJs especially are always looking to get a great deal on cheap and pro lighting DJ equipment.

Picking it up at a bargain low price is a priority. As long as the lights are of decent quality, you can afford to go low for better deals.

Basically, lights are important for events and mobile DJing. Weddings, functions, events…mobile DJs do them all.

And they always need some real pro lights to spice up their act.

Why go for cheaper gear?

When I give my tips on how to pick up good stuff at a discount, I talk about how after sales service, guarantee, reliability and reputation are important.

pro DJ lighting

This isn’t so much the case when buying lights for gigs and events.

Lights can be picked up for low prices these days.

Amazing prices for Techno Strobes

This Chauvet Techno Strobe sets you back only $50!

Prices are way lower than ten years ago, when gear would cost a fortune.

Unlike your USB DJ console or yourmixer for DJing screwing up just when you most need it, your night will still continue if one of your lights pops.

So do I go for cheap lighting?

Go for bargain basement style prices more than if you were buying a pair of decks or headphones.

With DJ lighting, it’s worth looking around and putting price as your priority.

That’s not to say go and order on some website which is only in Chinese language.

Ordering from abroad can also mean you pay customs duty too. So stay local or at least, in your own country or “federal” region.

If you don’t then you may end up paying the difference in taxes.

But lights can eat into your mobile budget, so be more aggressive when getting low prices.

What makes of DJ lighting are recommended?

Amazon have all the discount brands and lower cost (but reliable) lighting. Every store these days needs to sell through Amazon to remain competitive.

Compare the Pro DJ lighting offers on Amazon 

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