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The DJ Lifestyle – How Is It For You?
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The DJ Lifestyle – How Is It For You?

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DJing Today – Lifestyle of the DJ

This is about DJing lifestyle of today, about the changing music scenes how interesting and different being a DJ can be.

This tune right here has always summed it up for me: Booth Girl! Yep, in some countries notably more than others, girls hang around the DJ.

A girl DJ gets plenty of attention too. Basically, being a successful disc jockey has a way of living comparable to that of rock stars.

Swish clubs, worshipping fans who you take on a musical trip, beautiful people, fat paychecks, classy cars, amazing hotels, magazine covers, even festivals and stadiums if you do really well…

However, listening to the lyrics in this tune, maybe you’ll interpret other meanings too: it’s not easy to get to that level, you’ll have a lot of ups and downs and challenges on the way and it’s about your perseverance and motivation.

When do get there it’ll make you saviour those tough moments even more. It’s worth reading on to decide if you’re made of the stuff it takes: 

Motivation for DJing

As I say when Iask you the all important question, why become a DJ? your success will depend largely on motivation.

Why are you doing this? Be totally honest with yourself. Unless you fundamentally love the music and want to share the way it makes you feel with others, hmmm, should you really be doing this? 

What I’m saying is, don’t just play out to dancing masses because it’s meant to be cool, you HAVE to love and I mean LOVE and be passionate about, music.

If you made me admit to why I DJ myself, this is how I’d put it:

“I decided I wanted to be a disc jockey after spending countless amazing nights out dancing in clubs and realising the feeling it gave me; a high which beat any other I’ve experienced.

I understood what a deep impact the music can have on people’s lives and so I sought to control the music myself by becoming a DJ myself and making as many people feel as good as I possibly could. I want to spread that vibe, that warm buzz that music can give people”. 

Get it? Before spending all the effort you might do promoting yourself, ask yourself that very question: are you passionate about this?

Because, if you are, your passion will carry you.

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