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Becoming A DJ – What Happens To Your Lifestyle?
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Becoming A DJ – What Happens To Your Lifestyle?

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Do you dream about becoming a DJ and hope to one day experience the ideal DJ lifestyle?

Or maybe you’re just curious. Or are you bi-curious? Only joking.

Either way, keep up and read more about what you need to experience the glitzy lifestyle some disc jockeys have as a result not only of their skills but also of their persistence and ambition in the world of DJing.

If you succeed in becoming a DJ, there’s plenty of fun and good times waiting for you.

Becoming a DJ requires big balls

Aside from motivation, you’ll need some balls if you’re serious about DJing with the best.

Perseverance and courage is how the dictionary refers to it.

Getting the best gigs for a DJ is challenging when you have hard competition.

Promoters have numerous other DJs just as motivated and talented as you may be, who they know to be better than you.

Rarely do people get an easy ride and you have to be ready to ask again and again, persisting gently in the right direction.

You have to take the attitude that nothing can get in your way.

Be respectful and help people out

Even if someone doesn’t need you, or want you right now, let them know you’ll always be around if they have a problem with some DJ dropping out of a night.

Be a stand in disc jockey if you have to. Keep sending out your demo CDs or online mixes regardless.

Every gig you get is a step closer to the ideal DJ lifestyle.

Be persistent but be polite. Eventually, the message will get through that you’ll keep going until you get the gigs you want.

Of course, don’t be annoying and call people every day and don’t be aggressive – just keep regular contact and ask how things are. Make friends first.

The relationship is more important than anything.

Get back up if you stumble

On your trip towards the DJ stardom lifestyle it could happen that you get dropped from your regular joints to make way for new DJs.

You may make mistakes on your way, as everyone does.

What’s the worst that can happen?

All of these happen to people DJing at various points.

  • Forgetting to turn up
  • Getting trashed and messing up your set or forgetting what tunes to play
  • Putting on a record or CD that is scratched and sounds awful
  • Having equipment malfunction when DJing
  • Not finding the tune you wanted in time and putting on rubbish instead
  • Blowing a speaker through excessive volume, or having it vibrate so much something falls off and breaks
  • Having a drunk person spill liquid all over your decks, or spilling a cocktail on your laptop
  • Having someone get drunk and aggressive with you when you don’t want to play their favourite tune, which is incidentally awful cheese
  • Have a know-it-all wanna be DJ irritate you all night with their smart recommendations for “what you should play next” : f*ck off!
  • Having a club owner who takes cocaine get very annoyed with you for no apparent reason
  • Not getting paid what you were promised
  • Feeling too tired and doing a mediocre set
  • No one dancing, and someone telling you the music wasn’t up to it
  • Losing your touch for a few weeks
  • Losing motivation and not knowing what music to play anymore
  • Having a fight with the jealous, seething, fuming boyfriend of a big breasted beauty who flirted with you

Nearly all of these have happened to me at some point.

Yes, in the years I’ve been banging out gigs, nearly every one of the above incidents has occurred.

Shit happens and even to DJs who end up doing well. Becoming a DJ isn’t always a walk in the park.

We all have bad days. Or nights.

Yes even great DJs all have bad nights and any of the above reasons can be why.

Now what you have to know is that these experiences do not mean you’re not a good DJ, you are. What matters most is how you react to these experiences.

Think always positively and you can transform an average night into a great one: remember, people base their impressions more on how they felt at the end of the night rather than at the beginning.

If you do get dumped from one place, bounce back with an improved set at another place.

It is essential you have the ability to bounce back from disappointments fast, the perseverance to keep trying regardless of setbacks and the positive mindset to turn performances around during a night.

All the musical talent and good looks in the world won’t compensate for these qualities. So make sure you have them.

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