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Cool DJ Headphones Reviews! Pioneer, Behringer, Technics..

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DJ headphones are an essential part of your gear.

These cans will go everywhere with you as you’re DJing and they’ll need to be robust to withstand the beatings they generally take.

They’ll be squashed, folded, the cables will get twisted, the volume will get turned up too high. Your DJ headphones need to be good enough to resist the abuse!

Quality DJ headphones

The top of the range DJ headphones

I’m not saying go out and spend £$€1000 on the latest basswinding, ultra high def, jet engine resistant, bulletproof headphones handmade by Dr Dre himself.

However, I do advise investing in a high grade pair.

The best advice is to look for a quality brand which is on a discounted offer.

For the high range, durable DJ headphones that’ll make your friends jealous, the Pioneer HDJ-2000 are possibly not only the highest quality, but also represent excellent value.

Spending more on your equipment

Your cans are the DJ equipment you really need to work well. They’re just too mission critical to fail during a set and embarrass you.

Imagine if they started giving faulty transmission half way through a set. Your mixing will turn to dust! You’ll soon sound like a tranny falling down the stairs.

See how a pair of Pioneer HDJ-2000 makes your mouth water

Getting great DJ equipment but with a lower budget

Even if you spend less on other equipment, it’s strongly advised to invest in a good pair of DJ headphones.

But if your budget doesn’t stretch that far, then you’ll have no choice but to look for a pair which offer reasonable quality for their price.

A great choice and with an irrestible robust style are the Technics RP-DH1200 headphones.

But again, they’re over $100, so maybe that’s a bit much. But I do like Technics a lot.

For a pair that rolls in for less, but still makes the grade in terms of quality, the Pioneer SE-DJ5000 DJ Headphones rock the house.

Ear Protection for headphones

You’re gonna need to protect those all important satellite dishes that stick out of the sides of your head.

Reducing the exposure to loud noise over a period of time is important to prevent yourself getting problems when you age.

Your ears are also critical for DJing, to be able to hear the music properly for a start.

You don’t wanna be that old man or lady who keeps asking people to speak up do you?

So make sure your headphones are capable of shutting out external noises so you can rest your ears from the club speakers when you’re lining up the next tune.

You’ll also need to hear what is going on in your headphones when the booth speakers are blasting out your tunage too of course.

Your headphones should also sound great with decent amounts of low frequency sounds. High frequency (treble) heavy noise can be more damaging to your hearing and harder to mix with.

Test your headphones first if you can, if not read reviews by other buyers and be sure that the other buyers are DJs, not casual listeners who use them on the train.

Robust cans

You’ll need some very robust cans for DJing.

Generally, the best makes will be resistant to man-handling, which is a good thing because your pair probably get squashed, sat on, the cables pulled and dropped and stretched. Some people manage to spill drinks on them too.

That’s what happens when you play out, so all the more reason to invest in a quality pair.

Some recommended brands

Whatever you decide, take my advice:

  1. Make sure they are strong and robust
  2. Make sure they can fold inwards nicely for transportation in a bag
  3. Make sure they have a sealed cup to prevent you hearing outside noise
  4. Make sure they have a swivel cup to turn to your head for a better fit

The best headphones manufacturers are:

  • Sennheiser
  • Pioneer
  • Technics
  • Sony

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