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DJ Promotion – How To Get The Best DJ Gigs

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It took me a while to get to the level where I could get the best DJ gig. Did I use a trick or simple DJ promotion?

I live in Paris, France. The DJ scene is ultra competitive here and everywhere you turn you get some guy trying to muscle in on your action.

Local DJs concentrate hard on DJ promotion and especially on getting to know the right people.

This is perfectly normal. A good bit of competition makes the nightlife better for the locals.

After all, this is a capital city, with a music scene to speak of.  Ed Banger, Kitsuné, Phoenix, Sébastien Tellier make sure it stays that way.

These successful artists and record companies are all based in and around Paris and there are many, many more I haven’t mentioned.

So it’s pretty hard to get top gigs.

With all that competition, how do you do get gigs?

What you may find here is that it works on who you know rather than how good you are.

DJ promotion works to some extent, but In Paris, people don’t trust others that easily and are weary of being tricked by a conman or a gimp.

So being friends with someone who DJs leaves you with a far better chance than the kind of DJ promotion which involves calling up the promoter every day and sending him or her facebook messages, saying how cool you are.

People lie to promoters

Promoters get people lying to them all the time. Good promoters can’t risk a conman turning up and making regulars have a crap night out.

After all, it only takes one bad night for someone never to come back to your club.

What I’m saying is, getting the best gigs depends strongly on relations in times of tough competition.

So what’s my story with getting a great club gig?

I’d had my eye on the most exclusive club in the French capital for some time.

It’s the place where friends bump into Bruce Willis and Kirsten Dunst when they’re in town.

It’s where LCD Soundsystem have their after party when they perform concerts.

For most people, it’s impossible to get in. You have to “know someone” the guy at the door tells you.

Get DJ Gigs

Go in with people who get in to clubs

As an aspiring DJ, this is where you wanna be hanging around.

DJ promotion is necessary to get by in life, but you can gain a lot more ground by hanging around in tops spots talking to people.

The highly eclectic and original music policy of this Paris club stands out from the average Beyoncé and Lady Gaga clubs and refuses to follow any trends.

Quirky and original, with an overload of artists, eccentrics, film people and music freaks is how I can describe it.

Of course, I was refused entry a few times until I realised who to go with. Once I turned up with the right friends, I waltzed in every time.

And this included my friend who used to DJ there.

The DJ Gig – How To Get DJ Gigs Using This Trick

He used to mix there and he knew I DJed around town, so maybe wanted me there too at one point.

So when the call finally came for him to get another gig, I was ready. I didn’t know until the last minute, so I turned up with only a few of my tunes.

After all, it was freezing cold and only a Tuesday night. So the condition that I come with him was that I bring at least some of my tunes.

But that didn’t stop us rocking it from 11-2.30am. We got people going perfectly for the girl who was DJing next.

The club was full, which is amazing for a cold Tuesday night and better than most places at the weekend.

So what’s next, more club gigs?

Next is another gig.

Oh did I mention, I said I’d do the first gig there for free?

Sometimes, to get into playing at clubs, you should be a bit flexible to get your foot in through the door. This is the best attitude to have if you’re trying to get in at top places.

After all, I get paid enough wherever else I play, but this place rocks!

Do you have a story to share? Let me know and leave me a comment on how you sneaked in and played at a cool club. I want to hear about it!

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