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DJ Equipment Reviews | Guide To DJ Gear
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DJ Equipment Reviews | Guide To DJ Gear

Need some tips on DJ equipment?

If you’ve decided you’re ready to invest in some new gear, you’re really motivated by what I said about why you should become a DJ, then it’s time to get ready to buy some cool gear.

DJ equipment

Beginner or Pro?

Not everyone who reads this is a beginner of course.

Some of you will be pro seasoned experts, just looking around for new reviews of DJ equipment and gear.

Or maybe you want to move from vinyl or CD to digital only?

Many of you looking for information will be beginners, having never purchased any gear for DJing in your life.

But whether you’re experienced or not, you should be keeping up on news on the latest gear, how it’s evolving and on the new products that are being released.


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Beginner DJs

I’ve read a few times that beginner DJs who are buying for the first time should only buy really low cost because they’re just learning and they won’t be able to use sophisticated electronics at this point.

I think that’s BS though.

My hot tip for you is that if you’ve thought about it and you are SURE you wanna give DJing a real go, it would be better for you to invest in some good durable gear which is recognised as the industry standard.

Spend more cash

This will cost you a bit more to begin with, but less in the long run.

This is the best DJ tip I can give you for getting gear if you’re starting out.

Remember, that investing that bit more will prepare you better for your bar/pub/party/club experiences. Some cheapo gear won’t.

Only if your budget is really limited and you’re not entirely sure about DJing should you ever go for low cost equipment. 

The basic gear required for DJing

Of course, if you’re a beginner DJ, you CAN and should start with only the essentials for DJing (DJ console/controller or decks, mixer and headphones) and build up your gear as you progress.

Yet what you buy should be good, reliable material without question.

Just remember that if you buy cheap stuff, you’ll only end up replacing it sooner rather than later, meaning the whole initial investment will be higher than otherwise planned.

And cheapo stuff might break in the middle of a set, leaving you red faced.

Digital DJingBeginner digital DJ gear

Most beginners are opting for DJing with MP3, Wave or other digital formats.

The price, convenience and fast learning curve are too much for an amateur to resist.

Maybe you should give it a try.

How about digital DJing? It’s what most beginner DJs do now

Entry level digital DJ equipment and more

What DJ equipment do I need?

Next up, the question is what do you need? Well, it depends on whether you’re learning on digital or vinyl media. Have you decided if you’ll use vinyl or start with digital?

Nowaways, most people (but not everyone) starts as a digital DJ. So read through that section thoroughly, if you haven’t already done so.

If you’re a beginner, you’ll need to choose between

  • 2 decks: record decks or CD decks, according to your preference
  • 1 mixer
  • 1 pair of headphones

For Digital DJing:

  • 1 USB DJ console (for mixing MP3s & wave/flac only)
  • 1 Laptop, with a reasonable performance
  • 1 Pair of headphones

The choice is yours. Once you know what media you’ll be using, read on to see where we review different equipment of all types.

Beginner DJ? go here for great tips 

Maybe DJ equipment rental is a better idea?

Already an experienced DJ? I have some advice and reviews for you

Many others are looking to see how they can upgrade their gear or simplytransition from vinyl to digital.

In this case, you’ll be an experienced DJ, and probably be wanting to read reviews on advanced DJ USB controllers. 

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