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DJ Dress Tips! What Clothes Do You Wear DJing?

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Here are a few DJ tips on how to dress, in case you need them.

One thing some of you may never even think about how to dress as a DJ. Let me give you my best tips on what clothes to wear.

I’m not a fashion expert. I leave that to my girlfriend.

However, for you beginner DJs and especially those doing their first DJ gig or even if you’ve been asked to do a wedding, you have to have an idea of what to wear.

Believe me, if you look good, you’ll have far more chance of getting invited back to play again.

Some owners watch you carefully to see how you look and who you bring.

I used to play at the coolest little club in Paris and about ten blonde girls would always come to dance to my tunes. They were all my friends, not groupies. The owner of the place loved me and I got loads of gigs there.

But I also made an effort to look cool and trendy, without overdoing it. I tried to fit in with the place and look good at the same time. Obviously, my cute blonde friends gave me their own DJ tips on DJ dress and how to look!

Some people think looking good is more important than your music.

Crazy but true and it’s the world we live in.

DJ dress tips

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Different clothes, different places, different faces

There’s no simple answer. If you’re playing in a club then wear your best and coolest clothes for clubbing.

If you work out (and you’re a boy), make sure the girls see your muscles a bit! A bit vain of course, but who cares, you’re DJing. You can do what you want.

DJ tips for different styles

Playing a smart and fashionable cocktail bar? Wear a suit jacket and jeans. Smarten up a bit.

Playing rock and indie? Let your stubble grow, wear a silly hat and make sure you stink of sweat (only joking).

Playing hip hop? Jeans, sneakers and a funky Grandmaster Flash T-Shirt will do nicely.

Doing a wedding? Dress in your smartest wedding suit of course.

Ask female friends how you should dress. They know much better than men, except for gay men.

Remember, if you’re a good looking fella, some of the girls will turn up just for you, without caring about the music. And the best people you can have at your gigs are hot girls.

So take time to put your tanning cream on, pump up your arms and smile. There we go. Good chap. 

If you’re a girl DJ

hot girl DJ

I think girl DJs are really sexy.

I don’t even know why. Shallow isn’t it?

So you chick DJs there, my advice to you is: look great, but don’t overdo it.

It has to be casual, but not like you’re going to a graduation ball. Make yourself a special DJ dress if you have to!

Dressing in a unique way will make people remember you.

Look approachable and cute. You’ll get a following in no time.

Oh and, don’t forget to play some music.




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1 Corrie October 21, 2011 at 6:40 pm

Interesting tips on how to dress for DJing. I always find that a nice shirt and tie is a good way to go when DJing at a wedding.


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