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DJ Dance Floor Tips – How To Read The Crowd!
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DJ Dance Floor Tips – How To Read The Crowd!

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Now I break this down some more by giving you DJ Dancefloor Tips on how to read the crowd so you can play like a pro and make ’em go wild.

Like I said earlier, the DJ not even looking up from his decks and playing out his programmed bedroom set doesn’t transmit the right vibe.

The following DJ dancefloor tips are what can really help you learn to read the crowd so you should try to remember to do this when out DJing.

How do your crowd look?

Playing latin house on the dancefloor in a rock or hip hop club may not go down too well! Try to picture in now.

Look at your crowd carefully and consider the following points before deciding what tunes are best:

  • Where are you? What city or country are you in and how much do you know about the people here?
  • Is this a straight or gay crowd? Use common sense here and adapt your tune selection accordingly.
  • What is the racial mix? Everyone knows that music tastes can differ according to race, but don’t generalise.
  • Test some styles, dabble in different tunes and see who reacts to what.
  • What style do they have? Are they scruffy, bearded, dreadlocked or sharp and colourful? Are they carrying glo-sticks? Long hair or short hair?
  • Do they know their music? Wearing suits and out for a cheesy best hits of the chart night? Many different styles exist.
  • What is your name? (joke)

Use the above observations to adapt and shape your set to your crowd, and test them with different styles of music to see how they react.

This is really common sense and knowledge helping you shape your sets.

How do they respond to your DJ dancefloor music?

Look up from your super blend of electro and hip hop for just one minute and observe who hits the floor when you play a certain tune.

Who is losing it on his or her own in the corner?

Who keeps looking up at you? Smile and you’ll see how everything feels better.

The best DJ tip I can give you to read the dancefloor crowd is to interact.

Become one of them. It’s the only way to really feel their vibe and get on the same wavelength.

You may get some feedback from people who want to dance. Listen to it, because some people know what they’re talking about.

If you need to step things up a gear, sometimes people can wake you up to that. Really it can happen.

Wake up to your dancefloor

Every disc jockey has had his or her off day and has needed waking up.

If you see a particular group who dance more than everyone else, then play more of what they like. It’s likely to get others on the floor too.

Gays and girls tend to dance more than straight boys, who will follow girls. Of course, I’m not generalising but…it’s kind of true.

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