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The DJ Business, How To Make Money From DJing
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The DJ Business, How To Make Money From DJing

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Need to know how to start a DJ business? If you play out then you’re ALREADY in the DJ business.

Lots of people earn money from DJing and for some, DJing is your sole source of income.

How many of you? Not that many actually. I don’t know the stats and can’t find them, but generally, the guys who make a bit more and enough to live off are mobile DJs or wedding DJs.

DJ business

The super star DJs like Tiesto, Van Buuren and Guetta and the rest of the top guys can make a living just off DJing too, and much more than the rest of us. That’s pretty obvious.

Everyone has a chance of getting there, but what if you don’t?

The guys that do school discos, functions and weddings generally just rely on DJing and maybe another one or two other activities to live off.

Not the coolest guys in town admittedly, and no, they wouldn’t be invited to play at my party. But they often know how to run a successful DJ business, so you have plenty to learn from these guys.

Where do you start to make cash?

get DJ gigs

Get DJ Gigs!

Download this free guide to help you to get DJ gigs faster.

Rather than you trawling through the net reading articles, this free guide contains all the advice you need in one clear ebook.

I put it together to save some time for you and to get you DJing in parties, bars and clubs faster.

And it’s completely free.

Go here to get the free guide on how to get DJ gigs now

How Much Cash Can A DJ Make?

I can tell you now that for me, the money I earn from playing out isn’t enough for my lifestyle.

But hey, maybe I’m just not big enough. Here in Paris, where I live, they pay DJs lower than other places too.

I know that in London, a DJ gets way more cash for a night and can live off it if he’s at the same level I am in Paris.

I’ve played in some (not all) of the best places here. And yet, 300 Euros is the most I’ve taken home in one club night.

Not great isn’t it? But don’t let this put you off. Where you live it can be much more. 

So will I need to work in another job as well as DJing?

I don’t know if you’ll want a “real job” and to DJ on weekends.

Or if you want to set up a DJ business as a mobile DJ, doing weddings, hotel functions and events, that’s fairly lucrative.

I could easily do that too, but I choose not to, because I want to do my own scene, even if I get paid less for it. But again, don’t let what I say put you off.

If you like Top 40 hits, mainstream crowds and autotuned stuff like Flo Rida or whatever, go for it.

I do have other activities on the side, like acting and I work in real estate too.

You may need to concentrate on not just depending on DJing for a living. After all, you want to earn more cash from the DJ business don’t you?

What’s the best advice for making money from DJing?

If I was to condense all my advice down to you about this, I’d try to get into this mindset:

Try to earn good money by doing what you enjoy.

You need a decent level of cash to live normally and secure the future.

Doing what you enjoy separates you from the crowd and makes you happy.

Most people don’t really like what they do. I’ve worked in the corporate world too, with a suit and tie earning good money. After a few years, I realised that I was just pretending I liked it.

Now I’m free from that world, I feel better. It’s just a bit hard to mentally make the break.

I hope you can do the same and can start making enough from the DJ business.

Build yourself a DJ website

The obvious tip here that you may be overlooking is to build your own DJ website. This is the first place to start for many guys interested in getting more gigs.

We can talk about your facebook page but everyone and their dog has a facebook page. You need a decent website that appears in search engines when people need DJs in your local area.

This is especially useful if you’re a mobile DJ and DJing at events and weddings is your main source of income.

You want to attract bigger and better paying clients.

How do you do this? By appearing high up in the search engine rankings.

I have a few tips and some advice on how you can do that and increase your income from DJing.  My guide to building a DJ website can help you.

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