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DJ MP3 Player – Digital DJing Taking Over!
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DJ MP3 Player – Digital DJing Taking Over!

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For those of you that are new to DJing, you’re almost all looking for a cool new DJ MP3 player.

Why? Because as an amateur or beginner DJ, you almost all want to be digital DJs.

It’s easier, cheaper and we all have our massive MP3 collections on the hard drive to get started fast, right?

How did DJs get to mixing with DJ MP3 players?

Not so long ago, just a few years back, DJs starting out would take sometimes months to learn how to beatmatch using vinyl records on turntables and trying to remember the BPM of them all, hauling them around the subway/metro, boxing them carefully for the plane or the car.

They’d be scrabbling desperately to find that quality hit that matches so well with the old skool vinyl gem, that plugs perfectly into the last twenty seconds of the track.

Of course, they manipulated the vinyl with their hands, far cooler than pressing on a few buttons.

DJ mp3 player

Do real DJs use vinyl only?

Many people insist that ‘real DJs play only vinyl’, despite the presence of CD decks in virtually every club and most DJs exploring virtual or MP3 DJing as well.

However, times change and DJ now can use a DJ MP3 player or what is technically known as a DJ controller or console with a laptop to mix.

Smart DJs even use vinyl and digital to mix.

This is making the most of both worlds.

The Numark NS7 DJ Turntable Controller with Serato ITCH Software is an example of a cool console which lets you mix MP3s with a vinyl feel.

Which DJ controller is right for you?

As a future digital DJ, you’ll need to be asking yourself how serious you are about all this.

Do you have money to spend? And more importantly, do you want to spend it on this?

If you can really see yourself doing well and you have the passion about sparking musical life into parties, then I advise you to spend more cash on your gear.

Not only will you look cooler but you’ll mix better, get more gigs and your gear will last you longer.

For that, I’d advise you to check out these great mid-range DJ MP3 player consoles.

Low budget beginner DJs

If you really have a low budget, then grab yourself a Hercules DJ Console RMX.

For the price, it’s pretty cool gear.

Mix using just 2 ipods!

DJ mp3 player

It would be so cool just to turn up at a party, plug in your controller and start mixing without a laptop!

Imagine just getting your iphone and your friends iphone, plugging them in and whipping up a party.

How do you do that?

You use the ipod mixer.

It’s da funk.

Read about the ongoing vinyl versus digital debate.

I have more DJ MP3 player reviews for you. Make sure you find out everything you need before you purchase your first digital DJ controller.

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