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DJ CD Players! Reasons To Use CD Decks
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DJ CD Players! Reasons To Use CD Decks

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Thinking of mixing with DJ CD players? Now we’ve covered vinyl mixing, we’ll talk more about mixing with with CDs.

DJ CD players

Some DJs I know are still not happy about DJs using DJ CD players to play in clubs.

Vinyl purists remain vinyl enthusiasts

A quick look at the best DJs in the world reveals they all use MP3 and CDs to play with.

Most are using digital but use timecoded vinyl or CD to mix with. 

Most know how to use vinyl too of couse.

But the lure of the numerous advantages playing with digital media presents has been to great for them. 
The top DJs in the world know what they’re doing, otherwise they wouldn’t be where they are, earning thousands of dollars for each gig they perform.

Resistance to technology

There is always resistance to change in any industry, and the DJ world is not any different in that respect.

Historically, there have been numerous changes in technology which have induced further changes.

The most notable one was when music began being played on the radio airwaves, early in the 20th century. This created an uproar and huge resistance for a few years from musicians who made their living playing live.

Of course, after it sunk in that they could be heard on the radio too, people began accepting it as reality.

This is comparable to the recent changes we’ve seen in the music industry over the last few years, with music becoming more and more available as a free service and musicians having to make their money through performances and merchandise.

From a DJ’s point of view, here are some advantages and drawbacks to using digital media. 

DJing with CDs – How To Mix

DJing with CDs has been around since the 1990s when the first DJ CD players were made. At this point, DJs started experimenting with CDs and many clubs installed CD decks as well as vinyl decks or DJs carried their own CD decks with them.

A few years ago, CD decks began reading CDs with MP3s as well, which meant DJs could reduce the amount of CDs they needed to carry around.

They also began to display the names and BPM of the tune that was selected, which helped DJs to tighten up their mixes.

Advantages of using CDs for DJs

1. Newly released MP3s can be burned to CD-R

2. Technically better mixing with extra functionalities such as seamless looping; effects and precise cue points

3. Cheaper than vinyls especially considering MP3s can be burned to CDs

4. Smaller and lighter than vinyls

Drawbacks of CDs for DJs

1. Lower quality sound than vinyls (if the tracks on CD is from MP3 files)

2. Can get damaged or scratched – pretty embarrassing when they don’t play properly

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