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Total DJ | Learn How To DJ With Dance Floor Tips, Advice, Equipment Reviews And Promotion To Get Gigs
Get DJ Gigs

How To DJ – Learn To Mix – Get DJ Gigs

Total DJ is an online resource to help you learn how to DJ and mix in clubs, bars and parties  with tips, advice and equipment reviews for beginners, pros and DJs who need to get DJ gigs!

There are a number of ways to find useful DJ tips, information on how to DJ and mix, how to get DJ gigs and equipment reviews.

How do you start to become a DJ?

Free DJing Guide

How To DJFirst of all, grab your FREE guide “Twelve Proven Techniques To Get DJ Gigs In Night Clubs”.

This free guide is instantly downloadable and is the essential guide to all the resources, techniques and insider tips that would take you weeks to find trawling through websites.

And it’s completely free! All yours to download, get your FREE guide from here.

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How to DJ – all the advice

Pro DJ Tips

Beginner DJs

Learn to mix

Are you a beginner confused about what to do and thinking about becoming a DJ? 

You’re wondering how to DJ and how to learn to mix? Don’t worry. After downloading the free guide, check out the beginner DJ’s resource page for learning how to DJ and mix.

Beginner DJs go here.

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Resources for learning to DJ fast

Beginner DJ equipment guide

All DJ Equipment Advice

DJ equipment reviewsLooking for general DJ tips, advice and more on DJ equipment reviews?

Find a guide to gear, including new digital equipment, DJ headphones and CD decks.

DJ Equipment Guide

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Digital DJ Gear

DJ Headphones

DJ Music

Make DJ musicYou’ll get DJ gigs more often if you play out and learn how to DJ with cool and original sound coming from your speakers!

Where do you find the coolest tracks for DJs?

Finding DJ Music

It’s not just about finding the funkiest tunes either. You’ll need to get to know your music very well in order to develop a tuned DJ intuition and be able to pull tracks out of nowhere to get DJ gigs and make people enjoy themselves. This is all part of learning how to DJ right.

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Know your DJ Music

How To Mix & Beatmatch

Learn to mixEven though digital equipment syncs music automatically for you, you’ll still need to learn how to mix and beat match.

Real DJs know how to beat match and have basic mixing skills. How do you become a pro at beat matching?

Learn how to beat match

Beat matching skills

DJ Promotion To Get Club Gigs

DJ promotionThe above skills are useless to unless you know how to promote yourself and how to get DJ gigs at parties and eventually clubs to play to the very best and coolest dancefloors.

Promotion may not be as hard as you think. In fact, it’s mostly about making friends.

DJ promotion skills

How to get DJ gigs

Reading the dancefloor crowd when DJing